Our team consists of experienced researchers, EMI teacher-trainers, materials writers and international education consultants.

With many years’ experience in working with universities around the world, we support Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in their process of internationalisation and the introduction of EMI.

Each team member brings with them their expertise in international higher education; research into EMI, active learning and teaching, professional development, testing and the use of technology in Education. We make your internationalisation and EMI a success.

Julie Dearden 


Julie Dearden is the Director of Oxford EMI Ltd. She was Senior Research Fellow in English Medium Instruction (EMI) at the Department of Education, University of  Oxford, until 2016. Julie was also a lecturer at the University of Oxford. Before that, she was founder and Director of International Programmes at Hertford College, University of Oxford.

Tom Spain

HEAD of training

Tom is Head of Training at Oxford EMI. He is responsible for course development and for our team of trainers. As a trainer himself, Tom has travelled to many different countries throughout Europe, Asia and North Africa to train university lecturers in EMI pedagogy. Tom is also a member of the Oxford EMI consultancy team.

Dr. Ben Beaumont

senior trainer, Consultant & researcher

Dr. Ben Beaumont is a Senior Trainer and consultant at Oxford EMI. His experience of training university teachers around the world how to teach their academic subject through English Medium Instruction is invaluable to his work at Oxford EMI. Ben’s PhD is in EMI. Ben is also a member of the Oxford EMI consultancy team working on Ministry of Education projects.

Dr. Kari Sahan

Senior TRainer, Consultant & researcher

Dr. Kari Sahan is a Senior Trainer on Oxford EMI training courses. She is also a member of the consultancy team at Oxford EMI working on Ministry of Education projects. Kari is a well-respected researcher in EMI. She holds a DPhil (PhD) in Education from the University of Oxford, Department of Education.

Dr. Annette Bradford

Consultant & Researcher

Dr. Annette Bradford is an Oxford EMI Associate and lectures on Oxford EMI courses for East Asia. Annette is a well-respected researcher on EMI. She holds a doctorate in Education Administration and Policy Studies from The George Washington University in the USA. Annette is based in Indonesia and also has experience and expertise in Japan. Annette is part of our team of consultants and works on government-level EMI projects.

Dr. Ikuya Aizawa

Consultant & researcher

Dr. Ikuya Aizawa is a member of the consultancy team at Oxford EMI. He is a well-known researcher in EMI and appears in our online self-access course! Ikuya holds a PhD in Education (Applied Linguistics) from the Department of Education, University of Oxford. He is a university lecturer and supervisor for bachelor’s and master’s students and so, like the other members of the Oxford EMI team, has both research and practical experience of EMI in Higher Education.

Simon Dunton

senior trainer & Consultant

Simon Dunton is an Oxford EMI trainer and a member of the Oxford EMI consultancy team. Simon has over 16 years of experience in teaching, training, and resource creation in ESL in the UK, Italy, and Russia. Simon works on Ministry of Education and Oxford EMI projects developing EMI and conducting observations and site visits at EMI universities.

Emma Procter-Legg

IT in Education SPecialist

Emma Procter-Legg is the IT in Education specialist at Oxford EMI. Emma helps to develop Oxford EMI’s online trainer-led and self-access courses. Emma also teaches on Oxford EMI professional development programmes and teaches sessions on online learning and digital pedagogy in EMI. She is an education consultant and IT lecturer for the IT Learning Centre at the University of Oxford.  

Dr. Steve New

Specialist speaker

Dr. Steve New speaks to participants about his experience as a university teacher. Dr New is Associate Professor in Operations Management, Said Business School and a Fellow of Hertford College, University of Oxford. He is a leading authority on supply chain management.

Yvette Selwyn

Project Manager

Yvette Selwyn is Oxford EMI’s Project Manager working on government-level projects. In these nationwide projects, Yvette works closely with the Ministry of Education, the British Council, the Department for Business and Trade and our team of Oxford EMI consultants to offer the highest quality project delivery – giving countries around the world, the ability to become global leaders in Higher Education.

Prof. Misako Inoue

Oxford EMI Associate

Prof. Misako Inoue has extensive experience in Higher Education in Japan and is one of our Associates based in Tokyo. After being appointed Vice-President of Otsuma Women’s University, she continued to work at the institution for over 30 years and is now appointed Professor Emeritus.

Dr. Mohammad Yaqub

Specialist speaker

Dr. Mohammad Yaqub is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and has given many lectures on Oxford EMI courses in Oxford. He is Associate Professor in the department of Computer Vision at Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence (MBZUAI). He was a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford and a lecturer at the IT Learning Centre, IT Services, University of Oxford. Dr Yaqub is also the vice president of Engineering at Intelligent Ultrasound Ltd.

Rachel Appleby

Oxford EMI Associate

Rachel Appleby is our Oxford EMI Associate based in Hungary. Rachel is a member of our EMI training team and is a very experienced trainer with over 20 years experience. She has worked throughout Europe and run training courses in Singapore, Egypt, Bahrain and Georgia.


Head of Administration & communications

Emma is Head of Administration and Communications at Oxford EMI. Emma has an in-depth knowledge of our courses and can guide universities when they are choosing an EMI course. Emma has overall responsibility for making sure that we find the right course for your university faculty. She will help your institution to find a course to suit your expectations and your budget. Emma has a scientific background with a BA in Biology and a Masters in Ecology and Conservation.



Katie is a member of the administrative team at Oxford EMI. When university professors enrol on one of our EMI programmes, our administrators will receive your enrolment.

Ben Valbret

Design Manager

Ben Valbret is Design Manager at Oxford EMI. Ben works with our trainers to design our online and face-to-face courses. Design is important to make our courses comprehensible and attractive. Ben also provides systems and technology support for the whole Oxford EMI team.