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English Medium Instruction (EMI) courses for International Universities.

Is Your University Going International?

When your university decides to go international, your academics face the daunting challenge of teaching all or part of their academic subject through English Medium Instruction (EMI). Managers and staff also need to understand the challenges involved in going international.

The challenge for academics

Through our EMI research and teaching we have seen how challenging and difficult teaching through EMI can be: lecturing is not the same as speaking at a conference or reading an academic paper.

The challenge for managers and staff

Managers and staff benefit from understanding the research on EMI and considering questions such as 'How much EMI?', 'Which subjects should be taught in EMI?'. 'How quickly can we go EMI?'

In your country and in Oxford

We host courses here in Oxford. We also travel and have delivered EMI Professional Development courses in countries all over the world.   


We are available to support you in the institutional change of going international and share our knowledge of the challenges you may face.