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Who are we?

OXFORD EMI TRAINING:  Professional development courses in English Medium Instruction (EMI).



We are an EMI training organisation. We are specialised in training and support for universities which are internationalising and who teach through English Medium Instruction: EMI.

When your academics, managers and staff are faced with the challenge of internationalisation, we can help. We support academics who teach academic subjects such as Engineering, Business, Economics, Science, Social Sciences, Humanities in English. We do not 'promote' EMI: However, we do believe that an awareness of the pedagogical and linguistic challenges of teaching an international class is vital. We make sure that your teachers are confident in teaching high-quality classes in English. We train them and then we also provide long-term support.


Our courses take place in your country or here in Oxford. We have experience of working with top-ranking universities around the world and have worked with teachers and academics in Europe, South America, North Africa and Asia.

In Oxford we are fortunate to be able to hold our courses in the beautiful colleges of Oxford. Our courses have taken place in Trinity College, St Antony's College and Hertford College and this year our EMI Summer School will take place at St Catherine's College. Accommodation is organised in some of the most beautiful colleges of the University of Oxford including Christ Church. Our course participants benefit from the very best that Oxford has to offer.


Participants successfully completing the OXFORD EMI TRAINING course are awarded the OXFORD EMI Certificate.


If you have a question, however small, about EMI training please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are always happy to hear from you!

                                                                                                                             OXFORD EMI TRAINING is part of Oxford EMI Ltd registered 10674286 in the UK.