Let me explain:

My idea

All 4 types of courses
(With contact form)

– Types of courses (With contact form) Each have a page
– Courses that are running (With contact form) (current and past)
– Enrol (?) where they can ask about a course (maybe joining a waiting list or a newsletter?)
MAYBE??? : what about a “quiz” to find the right course for you? get them invested in it. (I remember a web designer saying that this can increase their want to join)

– What we offer
– Projects

What is EMI?
not 100% sure where this should go

About Us
– Our Team
– Our History

Latest EMI news

Contact us
contact form
and contact details

The Organic Team

Organic Themes are designed and developed by family and friends.

David Morgan

Designer | Developer | Co-FOunder

David is the designer, developer, and co-founder of Organic Themes. He builds, maintains, and manages all Organic Themes products. In his spare time, he enjoys surfing, hiking, and hanging with his family.

Jeff Milone

Marketing | Developer | Co-FOunder

Jeff wears many hats within Organic Themes. He secures partnerships and manages public relations. Jeff is a consummate outdoorsman, splitting his time between Hawaii, Colorado, and Florida.

Emily Morgan

Support Manager

Emily manages support for all Organic Themes products. She’s loves keeping customers happy. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, playing piano, practicing yoga, and spending time with her family.